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Watch: How to Respond Effectively to Assessment Tasks

One of the benefits of studying at Upskilled are our regular webinars and virtual classrooms. Held weekly, the webinars help connect students with one another and allow them to listen and learn about their course, studying effectively and the industry they hope to enter after their qualification.

With a constant stream of interactive, engaging webinars, students get to experience an environment that is as close to a normal classroom experience Β as any online studentΒ can get. This means theyΒ don’t miss out on key communication chances with not only trainers but also other students. This is something that online students might typically never be exposed to.

In an effort to spread our training and education further, we’re providing some of the best of our webinars to everyone for free. In an ongoing series, we’ll share some of the top talks around studying, business, marketing, project management and time management here on SkillsTalk.

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Get started with the first webinar below, How To Respond Effectively to Assessment Tasks, and you’ll be on your way to achieving your greatest study and career goals.

The first 24 minute webinar covers the best approaches to responding effectively to assessment tasks, beginning with identifying what the task is asking of you and then planning how to answer that.

Watch the recording below to learn all about it!

Don’t forget to tune inΒ again next time for another one of our future webinars or in the meantime, visit our website and find out why you should choose Upskilled to qualify for tomorrow.

How was your webinar experience with us? Is this your first webinar or are you a seasoned attendee? Let us know and get the conversation going!Β 


Michael has worked in the education industry for over 10 years, with institutions such as The University of Sydney, Study Group and Upskilled. Michael is passionate about online learning and technology and believes strongly in ensuring education is available to all Australians no matter what their situation. Michael is an avid reader and writer for SkillsTalk, a leading educational resource for students and professionals aimed at ensuring they get the most from their learning experiences along with some tips and tricks to improve efficiencies in the workplace.

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